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House Land Holz (HLH) is your number one place to find high quality Siberian larch wood imported from Siberia (western Russia). Siberian larch wood is actually a material that has been used by mankind to build structures for centuries. The reason for using larch wood is no accident. People have discovered early on that larch wood is the most reliable type of wood to use for constructing everything, from homes to churches. You can even use it for smaller construction projects as well, such as joinery, flooring, siding and decking. With the growing popularity of larch wood, the Siberian Larch tree began to be known as the “Tree of Eternity.” There are some old churches and houses in western Russia that are almost a millennium old, which were made from the Siberian Larch wood. Even the city of Venice (Italy) was mostly constructed from Siberian larch wood and it is still standing today. This should give you some idea as to how durable this wood truly can be.

Siberian larch is famous for its longevity and high quality. Durability under any weather conditions makes the wood suitable for exterior structures. It is strong, dense and resinous. Unlike most of the other species, Siberian larch does not require additional processing, which makes construction and production easier. Moreover, it does not rot in water, but hardens, and therefore is often used for the construction of underwater structures.

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