Thermo-treated wood

Thermowood production – as scientifically based industrial timber modification – has been in active use for more than few decades, while in recent years its demand has gained surprising momentum.

ThermoWood is essentially natural wood, processed with heat (180–215°C), steam and water in specifically adjusted and controlled heating cycles. Being entirely ecological and free of any chemicals, the treatment process irreversibly modifies physical and chemical properties of timber resulting in extremely durable and exceptionally sustainable material, friendly to both humans and nature. The modification also improves its dimensional stability and thermal insulation qualities.

Unlike ordinary wood, ThermoWood contains no natural resins nor formaldehydes. It has a pleasant scent, its weight is lighter, and texture subtler, smooth to touch. After undergoing a full processing cycle, ThermoWood acquires its typically warm caramel tint. The surface can be safely exposed to the elements outside, although, with time, the natural UV radiation will transform the colour to greyish hue.

ThermoWood is irreplaceable in environments with dramatic temperature and humidity fluctuations, which makes it an ideal material for outside cladding, decking, balconies, fences, and saunas. Due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance, eco-friendliness, and dimensional stability, ThermoWood is an increasingly popular choice in contemporary interior design.

We provide standard and custom profiles with improved durability, a darker brown tone for use in interior and exterior applications. Thermowood is resin and pith free, you can easily apply glue, paint, oil finishing or surface treatments like a fire-retardant coating or simply leave it natural.

Warm, safe and sound wood for cladding and panelling
Produced from premium quality, sustainable whitewood (pine) with no harmful chemicals, Thermowood delivers high performance in any weather and ages with grace.
End use:
  • External cladding, decking or fencing
  • Interior paneling
  • Industrial productions like joineries
  • Window and door manufacturers
  • Spa and sauna interiors


Thermowood cladding

Thoroughly sustainable and natural Thermowood cladding performs remarkably well even in the extreme and harsh climatic conditions. The benefits of exceptional dimensional stability and lightness allow to design outstanding contemporary facades – from solid graphics to beautiful airy structures. These longevous and beautiful boards will serve well for many years, even without any protective coating. Thermowood cladding is easy to install, stays clean-lined, and there is no resin to leach.
Available profiles: Smooth, Shadow gap, Channel, Rhombus

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Thermowood cladding
Thermowood boards

fencing elements

Thermowood battens

Thermowood Fencing Elements are ideal for exposed areas where there is likely to be physical damage like: commercial retail properties, leisure venues, sports venues or any other similar outdoors area. ThermoWood is cost effective, gives a contemporary high finish and is a popular choice amongst various range projects. Desired hidden fixing can be used with Thermowood. Thermowood is environmentally friendly which beautifully blends into any outdoor structures and requires minimal maintenance.
Available dimensions: 20 x 45 / 70 / 95 / 120mm

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PAR / PSE boards

Thermowood boards

Beautifully toned, luxuriously scented and resin-free Thermowood is a perfect choice for interiors, exteriors and spa areas. While benefiting the ambience with sensory and aesthetical advantages, it also excels its rivals by exceptional dimensional stability and non-toxic features. During the process of thermal modification, even the naturally born wood formaldehydes are eliminated. The boards stays caramel, while its pure organic patterns of wood grain and branches add a vibrant and natural touch.
Available dimensions: 20 x 70 / 95 / 120 / 145mm

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Thermowood decking
Thermowood fencing boards


Thermowood fencing battens

Our Thermowood Battens are ideal should you require a stable, durable, yet modern look to your boundaries. Scandinavian Pine Thermowood is a robust product, perfect for outdoor use, and requires no additional treatment. The perfect alternative to Siberian Larch. Our Thermowood is kiln-dried to a 7-10% moisture content, making it ideal for use in both internal and external applications. Machined to a lovely smooth planed finish to both faces leaving the square edge profile.
Available dimensions: 20 x 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 / 145mm

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Stainless Steel Screws
High quality stainless steel screws for your projects

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Siberian larch Stainless Steel Screws

Wood protective oils
Ultimate protection for exterior wood

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Siberian larch Wood protective oils