Siberian Larch Door / window reveal board

House Land Holz supplies various Siberian Larch Door / window reveal boards. Siberian Larch is a very popular choice for wood panelling because of its appearance. It is considered very desirable and offers nice colouring and texture. The shapes and patterns of the growth rings are very aesthetically pleasing and give each cladding panel real character. The lifespan of Siberian Larch is 50-100 years. Siberian Larch cladding can add value to a building or any other household property.

Siberian Larch is very slow-growing and high-density wood which makes it one of the hardest softwoods on the market. Its 50% harder than Pine and this is one of the reasons it is so desired. Such high timber density makes it very durable and perfect for exterior cladding. Due to its natural features, Siberian Larch timber is used extensively in joinery, decking, and flooring.

Due to the natural durability of Siberian Larch timber, it is not as prone to bumps or scratches, like other types of timber. This is an important aspect when considering exterior cladding. The resin in the wood provides natural protection against rot and decay. The fact that it is so dense for a softwood also means that it requires less maintenance. However, there are a few things you can do to treat and care for the Siberian Larch to increase its longevity. Leaving the wood untreated can result in faster weathering and potential issues related to UV rays and harsh environmental conditions like snow and ice.

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