Siberian Larch Posts - Garden & fencing accessories, battens

If you require stable, durable and beautifully grained posts for your project, choose this incredibly dense Siberian Larch softwood.

Siberian Larch grows in harsh arctic Siberian conditions. Consequently, the wood is extremely dense and strong when compared to other softwoods such as European Larch. Due to its high natural resin content, it is also one of the most naturally tough softwood species, especially resistant to decay and highly durable without any treatment; these characteristics make our Siberian Larch timber perfect for a multitude of landscaping purposes. Being a natural product, Siberian Larch posts will experience some surface splits and shrinkage, however, this will be significantly less than what you would experience with an oak post.

These Siberian Larch fence posts are best used with our other Siberian Larch products such as our Siberian Larch Fence Battens. Siberian Larch is perfect for fencing applications due to its natural toughness and resistance to weather and wear. Unlike other softwoods Siberian Larch is known to last for decades.

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