Siberian larch decking & cladding samples

Siberian Larch has incredibly tight growth rings and a very dense, fine grain. The application of a high-quality stain can accentuate this beautiful natural tapestry, making the wood a distinguished and sought-after choice in architectural design circles.

It also makes it unique — with such character, no two pieces of Siberian Larch are the same as each other. Underpinning the popularity of Siberian Larch is also its versatility; there’s rarely a setting or space where its Scandi style hues aren’t at home.

Upon close inspection of some Siberian Larch timber, subtle colours can appear, from creamy whites to reddish browns. If left for around two years without any treatment, the wood will attain a natural grey ‘weathered’ look which, depending on your vision, is no bad thing. Monochromatic designs can add a touch of distinguished class!

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