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Thermowood Cladding Samples

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Not sure which cladding profile would be more suitable for your project? We give you the opportunity to take a closer look at our Thermowood cladding profiles before you buy.

You can purchase as many samples as you want, postage free of charge! You will receive x2 pieces – 200mm each (20cm). Should you wish to then purchase our cladding boards that are the same product as your samples, we will give you a £5 voucher upon ordering!*

Sample parcels are despatched by Royal Mail 1st class. Please allow up to 5 working days for your sample to arrive.


Thermowood for indoor and outdoor spaces

The thermal modification method results in a product that minimizes wood deformation, making it extremely durable regardless of the environment in which it is applied. Thermal modification consists of three phases: first, a high-temperature drying process to decrease the moisture content to zero; second, the actual thermal modification procedure; and lastly, a cooling/conditioning phase. After this process, the moisture content of Thermowood solutions is 4-7%. During the thermal modification, only high heat and steam are used, resulting in a non-toxic, recyclable, ecological, and natural process. After undergoing this process, timber can be adapted and applied to different types of architectural products.

Thermally modified wood conveys numerous benefits for outdoor spaces, including resistance to warping, expansion, contraction, and damage from temperature and humidity variations. Moreover, its low moisture content prevents the presence of organisms. These qualities make it suitable for outdoor applications such as decking, siding, and garden constructions.

Thermally modified claddings are highly durable in extreme weather conditions. As for their aesthetic purposes, they can be used as primary or complementary covers for different architectural applications. These claddings can be adapted to horizontal and vertical applications. Their unique profiles are designed to meet the thickness requirements of each project.

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Thermowood cladding & battens
Beauty, durability and stability — Thermowood is a premier softwood when it comes to exterior cladding. Thermowood comes in a wide range of sizes and cross-section profiles, making them adaptable to various building applications and architectural styles. House Land Holz’s products, made from whitewood (spruce), providing long-lasting, high-performance, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for buildings, terraces, gardens, fences, walkways, and landscaping.

Our Thermowood Cladding Profiles

Thermowood quick tips

Thermowood is blessed with many natural properties which makes it low-maintenance. The high level of resin and moisture content in the wood provides natural protection against rot and decay. However, there are a few things you can do to treat and care for the Thermowood to increase its longevity.

Prepare the wood
Sort your lengths

Sort your lengths. Make sure you’ve set them all up. We recommend ordering 10% more to cover waste material.

Know your tools

Use professional equipment for best results. Professionals can achieve great and stunning result.

Use stainless steel

We recommend using only high quality stainless steel screws to avoid corrosion and stains on the wood.


OSMO wood protection offers effective multiple protection against UV rays and harsh environmental conditions.

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