Siberian Larch Hardwood Stainless Steel Screws

PFS+ stainless steel C2 cladding hardwood screws with lubricant treatment for better penetration into the wood which reduces the risk of breakage often seen with A4 stainless in exotic wood. Cladding blade screws features reduced head that remains very discreet on the surface of the board, 4 ribs under the head and sharp tip.

Head 60° with 4 ribs, milling segment on the shank, special cutting point type 17, partial thread, hardened and passivated bright.

PFS+ (Professional Fixing Systems) is a professional range of woodscrews. The pfs+ screws have been the flagship of pgb-Europe for a long time. These professional wood screws unite all good aspects of other screws, complemented by performance improvements.

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