Siberian Larch PAR / PSE Battens - Fencing & cladding solution

Siberian larch PAR / PSE battens, planed on all 4 sides with sqaure edge corners, gives a much more premium look for some projects when compared to a rounded edge finish.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of Siberian larch PAR battens (PAR, means Planed All Round, is also known as PSE, Planed Square Edge) to suit the requirements of your project. You can mix and match different sizes to achieve the best result. Commonly used when a smooth surface is required, Planed All Round is often used to create shelving, furniture, internal and external flooring, fencing, planters, pergolas and fascia boards dependent on size.

Siberian Larch is a good choice for a wide range of projects from large-scale construction to small self-builds. It is popular with architects and construction companies alike due to its aesthetic beauty, durability and longevity. Siberian Larch timber has been used for residential and commercial applications—including schools, shops and sports facilities. The timber is resistant to rot when in contact with the ground, and is therefore suitable for use in fencing. PAR / PSE boards can be used as a door / window reveal boards.

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