Charred Timber Cladding Sample

Charred Timber Cladding Sample

If the product is out of stock you can still order via email. Lead time 2-4 weeks.

Not sure which cladding profile would be more suitable for your project? We give you the opportunity to take a closer look at our Siberian larch cladding boards before you buy.

You can purchase as many samples as you want, postage free of charge! You will receive x1 piece of 200mm (20cm). Should you wish to then purchase our cladding boards that are the same product as your samples, we will give you a £5 voucher upon ordering!*

Sample parcels are despatched by Royal Mail 1st class. Please allow up to 5 working days for your sample to arrive.

We supply charred cladding made using the ancient Japanese art of charring the timber to enhance the durability and the aesthetic for use in both internal and external cladding. The charring protects the wood against fire, rain, rot & insects. We supply our charred wood to general public, retailers, timber and builders’ merchants. We also work closely with Architects, Specifiers and Building Contractors for larger projects.


Ancient Japanese wood burning technology

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese wood burning technology that was used to preserve wood by burning surfaces with fire. The process involved burning the wood, cooling it, cleaning the surface and coating the boards with oil. Although fire can be thought to have a negative effect on wood, Shou Sugi Ban actually increases durability and is a natural means of preserving wood without chemicals and other surface treatments.

We have mastered an extraordinary Japanese technology that is used for centuries to make the wood even more unique. With this technology, we extract an amazing design from the Siberian larch and Spruce wood that you can use in the interior and exterior. Our specialists are trained in the unique Shou Sugi Ban technique that lets us provide our customers the best quality and sustainability of our products.

Our goal is to provide customers with the very best quality products and guarantee that will last for a long time. We want our products to be the best and most unique part of your interior and exterior. Siberian larch or Spruce charred cladding is high quality, stylish and comes with a choice of 5 char levels.

Our charred cladding is made from “A Grade” larch or spruce timber which has been fire treated. We use larch, rather than cedar cladding, for its superior qualities and durability.

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Siberian Larch charred cladding samples

Our Siberian Larch Cladding Profiles

Siberian larch timber quick tips

Siberian larch timber is blessed with many natural properties which makes it low-maintenance. The high level of resin in the wood provides natural protection against rot and decay. However, there are a few things you can do to treat and care for the Siberian larch to increase its longevity.

Prepare the wood
Sort your lengths

Sort your lengths. Make sure you’ve set them all up. We recommend ordering 10% more to cover waste material.

Know your tools

Siberian larch is very hard and dense wood. Use professional equipment for best results.

Use stainless steel

We recommend using only high quality stainless steel screws to avoid corrosion and stains on the wood.


OSMO wood protection offers effective multiple protection against UV rays and harsh environmental conditions.

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