Siberian Larch Sawn Timber Sample

Siberian Larch Sawn Timber Sample

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Need a wood that stands up to the elements? Say no more, we’ve got the answer… Whether for cladding, decking, fencing or joinery project, Siberian Larch is a dynamic, high-performance timber species. Not only that, it also looks great.

Take a closer look at our Siberian larch sawn timber before you buy.

You can purchase as many samples as you want, postage free of charge! You will receive x1 200mm (20cm) piece. Should you wish to then purchase our sawn timber boards that are the same product as your samples, we will give you a £5 voucher upon ordering!*

Sample parcels are despatched by Royal Mail 1st class. Please allow up to 5 working days for your sample to arrive.


What are Siberian Larch’s properties?

Siberian Larch is becoming a very popular cladding timber due to its natural durability and attractive light appearance. Siberian Larch is a dense and hard. The Larch grows as the name suggests in central Siberia where there are about 600 million acres of Forest half of which is Larch. Stocks of standing timber are increasing which means this is a sustainable resource.

Because of its slow growth, Siberian Larch has incredibly tight growth rings and a very dense, fine grain. The application of a high-quality stain can accentuate this beautiful natural tapestry, making the wood a distinguished and sought-after choice in architectural design circles.

Siberian Larch heartwood is naturally durable when left untreated, it has a high natural resistance to rot & fungus and it will has 50 year expected durability if untreated!

Upon close inspection of some Siberian Larch timber, subtle colours can appear, from creamy whites to reddish browns. If left for around two years without any treatment, the wood will attain a natural grey ‘weathered’ look which, depending on your vision, is no bad thing. Monochromatic designs can add a touch of distinguished class!

Siberian Larch is graded to C24, it is a moderatly durable timber with low shock resistance.

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Siberian Larch cladding samples

Siberian larch timber quick tips

Siberian larch timber is blessed with many natural properties which makes it low-maintenance. The high level of resin in the wood provides natural protection against rot and decay. However, there are a few things you can do to treat and care for the Siberian larch to increase its longevity.

Prepare the wood
Sort your lengths

Sort your lengths. Make sure you’ve set them all up. We recommend ordering 10% more to cover waste material.

Know your tools

Siberian larch is very hard and dense wood. Use professional equipment for best results.

Use stainless steel

We recommend using only high quality stainless steel screws to avoid corrosion and stains on the wood.


OSMO wood protection offers effective multiple protection against UV rays and harsh environmental conditions.

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