Siberian Larch Planed Posts – 90mm
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Siberian Larch Planed Posts – 90mm

Siberian Larch posts for internal or external use. Ideal for fencing projects. Due to the high natural resin content, Siberian larch is one of the most naturally hardy of all softwood species, resistant to decay and highly durable without any treatment; these characteristics make our Siberian Larch posts perfect for landscaping purposes.

  • Kiln dried to approx. 16-18% (+/- 2%)
  • Lifespan – 35 to 50 years with right treatment; 20-30 years untreated
  • Smooth finish, rounded edges. Can be used as corner posts
  • Natural colour – untreated
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Siberian larch PAR posts are a versatile solution

If you require stable, durable and beautifully grained posts for your project, then there are few better choices than this very slow grown, incredibly dense Siberian larch timber.

Siberian Larch trees grow under duress in arctic conditions, consequently, the wood is extremely dense and strong when compared to other softwoods such as English or European Larch. Due to its high natural resin content, it’s also one of the most naturally hardy of all softwood species, especially resistant to decay and highly durable without any treatment; these characteristics make our Siberian Larch Posts perfect for a multitude of landscaping purposes. They are not the cheapest option but they will definately add a luxurious touch to your project. This timber has similar properties to Cedar, it will last outdoors without the need for treatment, it lasts a very long time and looks amazing!

Siberian Larch is is used widely by Designers and Architects and is considered one of the best timbers for exterior use. Due to the high density the Siberian Larch is hard wearing and resistant to decay and rot – perfect for exposed elevations. The shapes and patterns of the grain are very aesthetically pleasing and provide real character. The colour is normally honey, straw to light brown. It looks particularly good when stained with Cedar oil as this enhances the timbers colour or it can be left to naturally age to silver grey. The colouring can be protected and enhanced using a UV protection oil or can be allowed to naturally age to a handsome silver grey.

Siberian Larch fence posts
Siberian Larch posts
Being a natural living product, you will experience some surface splits, shrinkage and warping, however, it will be significantly less than what you would experience with an oak post. The beauty of these posts is that they will offer almost similar levels of strength and durability to that of our oak posts, but much more stability at a more affordable price!

Siberian Larch is not as vulnerable to knocks, scrapes and scratches. This is an important aspect for many projects as it will stand the test of time. You can expect your Larch to last between 30 and 50+ years if left untreated. If you compare this to standard treated softwood fencing you can see that Siberian Larch really is a great option. Our Siberian Larch battens and boards are machined in our sawmill on a professional German equipment. We take care to ensure that the Larch we produce is consistent and high quality.

Siberian Larch originates from Siberia where the weather is extremely cold. The trees are very slow growing making the timber dense and tight grained with minimal knots. These characteristics make Larch perfect for external cladding, fencing as well as other features like joinery, decking, and flooring.

Please note that the Siberian Larch does sometimes develop shakes or small splits as the wood dries out, this does not in any way effect the strength or durability of the wood. This is just a natural characteristic of Siberian Larch. If you are looking for wood to bring character to a garden space then PAR battens are for you, the swirling grain and some knots really are stunning.

Our Siberian Larch posts are best used with our other Siberian Larch fencing supplies such as Siberian Larch planed Battens. Siberian Larch is perfect for fencing applications due to its natural hardiness and resistance to weather and wear, and unlike other traditional softwoods is known to last for decades.

Siberian Larch PAR battens / boards

Beauty, durability and stability — Siberian Larch is a premier softwood when it comes to gerden or any other project. So whether you have a modern garden project or something more traditional our product range will have something to offer.
Technical specifications
Wood type: Siberian larch (Larix sibirica)
Batten treatment: None
Density: In dry state approx. 628 kg m³
Lifespan: Proven life expectancy of 50+ years
Quality class: AB – A and B mixed
Siberian larch AB Grade and qaulity description Grade and quality description (PDF)
Humidity: Dried up to approx 16-18% (+/- 2%)
Purpose: Outdoor use
Other uses: Fencing, landscaping, joinery, flooring
Dimensions (mm): 90 x 90 mm
Origin: Sustainable forests of Northern Russia (Siberia)
Available length: 3 or 4 m
Appearance: The wood come in a warm mix of colours, from light yellow brown through to golden browns with a strong grain, similar to pine. Depending on the grading, the boards may contain a few dark knots.
Weathering: When the boards weather, the color changes to beautifully consistent silver gray, which is highly desirable in many projects.
Insect attack: Resistant
Treatability class: Resistant
Movement class: High (A 145mm board can vary 3-4mm over the year.)
Impact resistance: High
Scratches and abrasion: Resistant
Fire treatment: Possible by impregnation. Can be treated to achieve fire classification: Euroclass B-s1,d0
Working characteristics: Good workability. Receives fixings satisfactorily.
Extracts: Siberian larch is more likely to contain resin than oil or tannin. The resin is fixed by firing and does not tend to bleed out. Larch is fairly consistent and non-reactive and, as such, becomes relatively evenly weatherproof.
When to fix: Ideally autumn / winter months.
How to fix: Face fixation with stainless steel ring thigh nails. Pre-drilling recommended.
Siberian larch properties

Siberian Larch wood is naturally durable (Class 3 according to BS EN 350-2) – and therefore ideal for outdoor purposes – due to a combination of factors:

  • The chemical composition of the wood creates a high resistance to rot and decay, which makes Siberian Larch one of the hardest and most durable softwoods.
  • High density – this means that it is more difficult for decaying organisms to penetrate the wood.
  • Long lifespan – lifespan of approx. 50-100 years with correct detailing and general outdoor exposure. Better durability properties can only be achieved with Accoya wood.

The natural durability of Siberian Larch means that no treatment of the wood is required and any coatings applied are for aesthetic purposes only.


Due to the high percentage of heartwood (75-90%) and the minimal proportion of sapwood, Siberian Larch is an extremely dense timber, which is classified by BS EN 350-2 as approximately 630 kg / m3 with a moisture content of 18%. As such, it is not easily damaged, making it ideal for highly exposed elevations, or applications where there is a likelihood of damage such as bumps or scratches.


The extreme continental climate in Siberia (Russia) produces a high proportion of late wood, which provides enhanced dimensional stability and enables a smoother machine finish.

In addition, our Siberian Larch is kiln-dried to around 16-18% (+/- 2%), the optimal moisture content for outdoor use. This moisture level is retained until delivery on site, so your Siberian Larch wood can be installed immediately. The benefit of kiln drying Siberian Larch, as opposed to air drying it, is that the timber dries uniformly and therefore achieves optimum stability.

Improved dimensional stability performance can be achieved by using narrower widths, for example 45mm.


Our Siberian larch decking, cladding, PAR and sawn timber are available in various lengths, from 2m up to 4m. The standard board dimension is approx. 150mm, as this is traditionally the most commonly produced width. However, we also offer a range of other widths: 45mm, 70mm, 90 and 120mm. The narrower board widths offer a number of advantages, including a wider choice of design options and improved dimensional stability. As an added benefit, narrower board widths are generally rated well beyond their specification.

PAR battens are supplied per linear metre based on random stock lengths at the time of order picking. Other sizes may be available on request.

Note: The board widths can change due to changes in moisture content. The boards are kiln-dried to approx. 16 – 18% before processing. Batten width can slightly vary between production and installation on site (+/- 2mm). Siberian Larch PAR battens are shipped in certain sizes from our warehouse, but a margin of error should be allowed for when making calculations, due to the natural expansion and contraction of the wood.

Siberian larch timber quick tips

Siberian larch timber is blessed with many natural properties which makes it low-maintenance. The high level of resin in the wood provides natural protection against rot and decay. However, there are a few things you can do to treat and care for the Siberian larch to increase its longevity.

Prepare the wood
Sort your lengths

Sort your lengths. Make sure you’ve set them all up. We recommend ordering 10% more to cover waste material.

Know your tools

Siberian larch is very hard and dense wood. Use professional equipment for best results.

Use stainless steel

We recommend using only high quality stainless steel screws to avoid corrosion and stains on the wood.


OSMO wood protection offers effective multiple protection against UV rays and harsh environmental conditions.

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