We are pleased to offer You premium sustainable Thermowood cladding, decking, joinery and other products. These products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest technological and sustainability standards of the European Union, using carefully selected PEFC-certified raw material, mostly whitewood – Spruce.

Thermowood is characterized by a pleasant scent and a caramel tint throughout to its core. Being low maintenance, these longevous and beautiful boards will serve well for many years, even without any protective coating.

Our thermowood range allows You to create a seamless and beautiful environment, extending from exterior to interior and way beyond. These sustainable products are also perfect for landscaping, small architecture, outdoor furniture, as well as spa and sauna areas.

Thermowood is a versatile construction material that can be used to decorate building façades and create coziness indoors – it’s elegant, eye-catching, and functional, yet weatherproof even in the most demanding climatic conditions.

Our timber cladding boards undergo thermal modification, which gives them unrivaled durability and dimensional stability that runs all the way through to the core. The thermal modification process uses just heat and steam, making our products an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods and chemical treatment.

Highly durable cladding combined with natural beauty. Enhance your walls with durable and surprisingly easy-to-install whitewood cladding, with decades of rot resistance, unrivaled dimensional stability, and a naturally beautiful appearance featuring distinctive knots.

Thermowood was developed to offer similar durability and stability properties to Western Red Cedar at a lower cost. Few facts about the Thermowood: No Chemicals are used to make the timber resistant to rot, Surface treatment is not essential, 30-50 year service life.

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