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So Christmas and Valentine’s Day are over faster than ever and now it’s time to start thinking about the garden. Make some much-needed prep for those long evenings with a BBQ or snuggle up around the fire pit with friends and family and maybe a marshmallow or two. But first, some considerations need to be made on how to prepare your deck ship form for your guests.

Cleaning and maintaining wood is arguably more important than finishing it. This is all the more important with wooden decking, a horizontal surface that collects moisture and dirt, as well as generating foot traffic! With a good cleaning and maintenance routine, the surface of wooden decks will last much longer.

What is the best decking cleaner?

First you need to decide how much cleaning/restoration your deck needs. From clay finishes that just need cleaning to gray and in dire need of restoration. The products featured here will help you decide how best to clean your deck.

How to clean wooden decking

Osmo Decking Cleaner is a concentrated decking cleaner that cleans softwood and hardwood decks to restore their original luster and kill and remove moss, mold and algae either before refinishing or as part of a regular maintenance program. It maintains bare wood and oil decks to keep them from drying out. Apply with a stiff bristle brush and allow to dry thoroughly before resuming foot traffic.

Restoration of scaly terraces

If your current decking finish is peeling and needs some attention, try Cuprinol Stain Stripper. It is an effective masking stripper for removing old base stains and paint that can be reworked with a new product.

Restore gray decking

You can restore tired and gray hardwood and softwood decks and restore them to their former glory, which is often quicker and easier (and sometimes less expensive) than replacing. This is perfectly done with Ronseal Decking Restorer or Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel. When you’re done, the wow factor is guaranteed to be built back into your deck.